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Top 10 Reasons to Join

We can't list every reason why you should join, but these 10 should do the trick!!


1.  Stay Connected: Membership keeps you up to date with PV news and events, and members network and connect with each other across the country (especially the Southeast)


2.  Support Prairie View:  Give back to the PV community and the university!  Show your PV pride.


3.  Provide Student Scholarships:  More members means more scholarship support for deserving PV students


4.  Access to Alumni Events or Discounts:  Receive discounts or free entry to Chapter events including socials, banquets, tournaments, and more


5.  Support PV Students:  PV metro alumni engage with students by helping out during the dorm move in and at alumni booths during commencements.


6.  Volunteer: Get involved with PVAMU Metro Alumni Chapter and make a positive difference in your community helping in the areas of student mentoring, homelessness, and the hungry.


7.  Your degree increases in value:  US. News & World Report looks at alumni engagement as one of the several measures of quality used to rank major universities.  Your membership in the Atlanta Metro Alumni Chapter as well as National Association helps increase PV's prestige and therefore the degree you have on your resume.


8.  You get to hang out with fellow PV Panthers: The chapter hosts several socials and events each year.  Whether it is bowling or a Banquet, you'll connect with Panthers just like you.  


9.  Student Recruitment:  Are you looking for a way to give back and help high school students find out more information about PV?  Well we do just that.  Our Alumni Chapter engages in multiple college fairs and mentoring programs to provide opportunities to get the PV name out and about!


10.  Enjoy a tax break too:  Annual Membership in the PV Alumni Association and Atlanta Chapter may be tax-deductible, thereaby reducing your tax bill each year.  Check with your tax advisor if you are able to enjoy this perk.  As we are a non-profit 501c. 



So if you are not a member by now, what are you waiting for?  You should be


Sign up to Join Today!!



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